Spiritual guide

Asking your intuition for guidance, (gut feeling) and then acting upon it is an easy way to begin accessing your hidden powers, trusting in your gut feeling or that inner voice.

It is a simple technique, but it is surprising how few people listen to their inner voice or gut feeling.
If you want to become a clairvoyant or a medium this is a skill you will have to master, you need to listen and trust this inner voice, acknowledge your gut feeling, for from this all the other powers spring.

Trusting your spiritual guide

I personally believe that the gut feelings, inner voice, is our link not only with our unconscious and the spirit world but also is a direct line to God.

We all have this ability, not just mediums.

We all have natural intuition, just some people act upon theirs more than others, so this part of them becomes more finely tuned and developed. Practice makes perfect!
Acknowledgement in the way of initiating action from the guidance you receive reinforces even more clearly the communication with your Spiritual guide, you have to build up the trust that this energy is not being wasted or abused.

Taking personal responsibility for our lives implies that we have freewill when deciding the future.

Psychic powers are very widespread and everyone is psychic to some degree using the natural intuitive or sixth sense that is inherent in all of us.

In order to develop the mediumistic powers it is necessary to first develop the psychic powers.

How can you do your best, to be a good Channel for the higher energy?

Spiritual Guides come in many shapes and forms

Remember your dreams are very important, you are processing so much information when you sleep and many answers will appear in your mind from all of this processing.

I believe that your spirit travels on the Astral plane when you sleep, keeping you in touch with your higher self, and connecting you with loved ones both living in the physical realm and the Spiritual realm. I also believe that we all have Spiritual guides helping us throughout our life time guiding us in their own unique way.

Spirit is most active between the hours of 12 am and 3 am, so if you awaken through the night make a note of the time, everything is relevant when you commence your journey on the spiritual path.

Start keeping dream journals and just writing everything down in the morning, or as soon as you are able to, this will help to answer some of your many questions, when you ask, the answer doesn’t always present itself as you imagined, so by examining your dream journal you may be able to make sense of what you are experiencing. It takes time, but it will pay off in the end.

Practice moderation, in everything you do.

You need a clear channel for your Spiritual guide to connect to

Make sure it isn’t all “head stuff” with you, meaning, get your head out of the books regularly, move away from your computer screen, you will not find all the answers within words. Live in the now, do life activities, get involved with what is going on in your life, stay grounded and connected to your life, be in the moment because each moment is unique, you will never experience it again. This is a physical form you inhabit and it needs physical activities, as much as it needs oxygen, it is all part of the learning process we call life.
Get out there do physical exercise and in doing so you open up alternative ways for your spiritual guide to connect, keeping the flow of energy inside and balanced, this also includes a healthy diet sustaining your physical form in peak condition.

Whatever you choose to do, walking, running, aerobics or yoga etc. You don’t have to run a marathon or become an athlete. Do as much as you can, movement is so important.
A healthy body and mind, promote a better wavelength on which to connect to your Spiritual guide.

You need a healthy balance with the Spirit world, you need well established boundaries, again mutual respect of self and others, be that spiritual or physical at all times.

Spiritual Practices are not to be taken lightly, just as there are in this physical world there are rules in the Spirit world, to protect us all and keep us safe, the vale between the worlds has to be protected to keep the balance right, always err on the side of caution.

If someone proclaims to have special powers, beware, always have your protection on, safety is imperative to keep your energy pure.

Follow your instincts, if you get that gut feeling that not all is what it seems, follow your intuition and immediately activate your protection, intensify it.

You can do this by imagining a pure white light surrounding every part of you, no part of you should be exposed and when you move this white light moves in sync, it is impenetrable, flexible but very resilient and will sustain and protect you from any psychic attack.

Remember you can’t always see your attacker approaching this is why you have to trust your intuition, trust your gut feeling, it is very seldom wrong, no matter what anyone says.

There are many false prophets out there folks. (Always protect yourself)

It is good practice to protect yourself before you lay down to rest, and to maintain your protection all day also, especially if you are travelling a lot and meeting new people, mentally reinforce it, by visualizing it at different intervals throughout your day.
In order for God to guide your steps you first have to be prepared to move your feet.

Hope you find this brief Spiritual Guide useful.
I hope it helps to support you on whatever Spiritual path you choose.
May you always walk in the light and love of God and experience the eternal spirit that resides within you.
Connection with your Spiritual guide, can be achieved in your own unique way. God Bless