Spiritual Awakening

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Arthur Richmond 1947)

Inspiring words, I’m sure you will agree, however I have met many sceptics over the years, including myself, who believed otherwise, for a long time I had no clue what Spiritual awakening meant.

I was brought up to think that only hard work makes your dreams come true.

However my life experiences have proven to me that dreams do come true, that if you believe it is possible then possibility manifests in ways that you never thought could happen. Spiritual awakening happens deep within you, when you believe you are capable, its possible and you deserve it.

Witnessing Spiritual awakening in others

I have worked with many clients, over the years, and have come to believe that one of the biggest cause of dis-ease in the system, is a disbelief in oneself, we can find ourselves stuck in memories of the past, especially the hurtful memories, keeping us locked within the emotions, that were stirred up way back then, which can manifest into numerous mental and physical conditions thus inhibiting our ability for spiritual awakening.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.

When a client sits in front of me, I look into their eyes and check for the sparkle and a lot of the time their eyes are dead, their complexion is dull, there is no vibrancy about them, I notice the colours they are wearing, how they have entered the room, their posture, the energy that they bring in with them!

My sons laugh at me, as one of my sayings after working with a client is. ”They have got the sparkle back in their eyes.”

But for me seeing this in others makes me aware that the seeds of spiritual awakening have begun to take root, and will come to fruition in their lives in the most delightful way. I do actually see the sparkle return.

I believe that “What the mind suppresses the body expresses.”

I found that many of my clients were trying to move on with their lives, but on some level were unable to get very far before some life event catapulted them into depression and then a whole load of symptoms began to emerge, such as insomnia, IBS, headaches, fatigue, aches and pains for no apparent reason, stress, mental breakdown, leaving them feeling confused, disorientated and stuck.

Old patterns of behaviour repeating, causing the same old problems in their lives, and when they were in the depth of this, inspirational words did very little to uplift their flagging spirits.

They chose to seek medical advice first, when more often than not were given some drug to take away the symptoms, and help them get through their difficult time, which they usually did for a short while, some of them did bounce back and felt a little better and started to get on with their lives again, but the majority of them were not that strong and it just took the smallest of life events to happen and the cycle began all over again. Round and round they went on this cycle of destruction, the drugs got stronger and instead of the person becoming stronger, they became more vulnerable, and became reliant on the medication, just to keep them functioning robotically, to get through the days and nights, this is called existing, not my idea of living. The effects of the medication in a lot of cases produced more symptoms, which in turn needed even more medication. Suppressing any chance of spiritual awakening within them.

I witnessed this with a member of our family.

I observed my father-in-law’s health deteriorate after the death of his wife, my lovely mother-in-law, I had never known him to be poorly or on any medication, then suddenly he started to have many symptoms of illness, depression, sleeplessness, constipation, headaches, pains in all of his joints, stomach pain, heart problems……..do I need to go on, you name it, he was suffering from it, and was on more and more medication.

He was taking 30 tablets a day for numerous illnesses, thinking, and being reassured by his doctor, that these tablets were keeping him alive. Over the next couple of years his illnesses overwhelmed him, his body could take no more and he dropped down dead.

Now it might sound like I am having a go at the medical profession, but I can assure you that is not my intent, they do a wonderful job in a lot of cases, however their time with each patient is limited, and they can overlook, psychological symptoms, as they don’t get long enough to ask all of the relevant questions to complete the overall picture, such as;

What is and has been going on in the individual’s life when the disease manifested?

What are the life events going on that could be contributing to the state of health?

Looking outside of ourselves for the answers, when all of the time the answers are stored deep in our unconscious mind, the dis-ease is the alarm going off in the body letting you know consciously that there is an issue or issues that need addressing.

It all comes down to personal responsibility, and how you decide to handle this very delicate balance between mind, body and soul, and there are many different routes you can opt for, but I believe that we have to start with some inner reflection work.

Questions to ask yourself, that could assist in your Spiritual Awakening

Some questions I would recommend you ask yourselves, keep it context related.

What decisions have you made in the past, which have influenced you on the path you are now on?

What is within your power to change?

Where are you in your life now, how did you get there?

What decisions do you need to make?

What decisions have you been avoiding?

What will happen if you make those decisions?

What will happen if you don’t make those decisions?

What won’t happen if you do make the decisions?

How does that make you feel?

Hard hitting questions, I know, but when you take the time to ask yourself, you may be surprised at how much clearer your thoughts become.
The path to spiritual awakening is not an easy one to understand consciously, but your unconscious mind is waiting to guide you every step of the way, the first step is always the most uncomfortable, but when you get into your stride the pluses outweigh the negatives and you will find emotionally you will become a much stronger person.

When we create peace, harmony, and balance in our minds, we will find peace in our lives.

Disease will manifest in our lives when we are out of rapport with ourselves, we have to contribute to our own well-being. Our own spiritual awakening begins with recognizing the self.
Who are you?
It is not anyone else’s job. The pills will only give temporary relief, and if you want a healthier body and mind you have to start playing more in the game of life, stop taking yourself so seriously and live. The best prescription I can give you is have a good belly laugh every day and as often as you can, you can never overdose on laughter! Food for thought and most definitely, food for the soul.

How to achieve Spiritual Awakening?

How we go about this is down to our individual personal choice, we need to check what is out there and see what feels right for us. we are all unique and what works for some people, might not work for others, so observe yourself through a soft lens, and instead of emotionally beating yourself up with a baseball bat, try changing the image to that of a feather duster and have a good belly laugh at “how serious is it anyway.” Nothing is worth your spirit being imprisoned, so get out there and shine like the star you are, good luck on your Spiritual Awakening Journey    God Bless.