In a wide variety of traditions, spirituality is seen as a path toward one or more of the following;

A higher state of awareness.

Perfection of one’s own being.

One’s ethical Development.

To achieve wisdom, or communion with God or with creation.

To master meditation and prayer and the contemplation of Sacred Text.

Spirituality aims both at inner growth and outward manifestations of this growth.

Love and/or compassion are often described as the mainstay of spiritual development.

Love and compassion for the self and others and all living things, developing a deep respect for the planet we inhabi.t

Spirituality unites us, Religion divides.

You do not have to follow any religion to be a spiritual person, as Spirituality is how you are in the world it, is also who you are in the world and how you perceive others.

Treat others as equals as Spirituality unites us, strengthens us as a species as part of this living planet, and not apart from it .

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