Spiritual Poems

So much more to me

Spiritual PoemsIs all I am, all I can be, if so, what do you see?

As I Believe,

There is so much more to me,

A heart that beats with love and kindness, willingness to share and to care,

A  lover, father, mother, a daughter, son, sister, brother, worker, joker, confidant, a friend are roles I play till the story ends.

But if you still think that all I am is what you see,

You really don’t know how wrong you could be, and you really don’t know me.

So if you are willing to see the unseen,

and you are prepared to get to know the real me.

Remove the veil of time and tale.

As all I am and all I can be is far beyond what your eyes will ever see.

The Spirit that resides within me has always been and will always be, the biggest part of me,  your eyes just cannot see…

There is so much more to me!

Written by Sonya Hudson 2011