Guided by Angels Workshop – Newcastle




Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency to humans, therefore most of us are unable to see them, although we may at times have a sense that we are not alone.

There is an energy out there that we are connected to, that we get a glimpse of, through our dreams, meditation, and prayer.

When we are really relaxed we allow our vibration to resonate which sends a signal out to the universe,(like making a telephone call) we can and do experience that higher energy. Angels are always with us. It is difficult to put into words, the positive effect this has on us.

It’s not necessary to be religious or to have strong spiritual beliefs to sense their presence.
Angel workshops are designed to switch the outside world off for a time to allow inner healing to begin, enhancing your senses by relaxing and letting go of emotional baggage we carry with us unconsciously.

Thus allowing our energy to resonate at a higher frequency and connect for a time.

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly” – it’s our ego that weighs us down.

We have Free Will:

Angels cannot interfere in our lives without our expressed permission, unless we are in a life threatening situation and it is not our time to pass over, then they can intervene.
We need to ask our angels for Help.

What will our Angel workshop do?

This Workshop, will enable you to have time out for yourself, allowing you to open your mind to new possibilities in your life, we will help you to set yourself some goals, let go of past hurts, freeing you up to be more excepting of who you really are now and who you are becoming.

Using specific NLP, Visualisation and Relaxation techniques and of course group energy.
o You can enjoy the tranquillity of this workshop, in a safe and friendly environment.

Guided by Angels Day

  • The day will uplift your spirit to greater heights and your life will be touched with gentle grace.
  • Opening up and expanding your awareness, to the power that is within you.
  • Connect with your higher self, experience the calmness and love your Angel provides, in a way you have not experienced before.
  • Learn a little about which colour is associated with which Chakra and Angel.
  • You will experience calmness, deep within you, an inner peace and Tranquillity which is beyond words.
  • Smile from the inside out.
  • You will be more able to embrace new and old ideas, which will then help you to create a more positive future.
  • Most off all enjoy the experience you deserve it.
  • Spoil yourself for a change that will last, long after the angel workshop has ended.


January 2019


The Green, Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne