Guided by Angels Cards




Angel Cards Fanned OutSonya has an eclectic approach, nurturing clients to transform their lives, she has been a Therapist for many years, combining NLP and Hypnosis with her Spiritual expertise, to create a more harmonious Balance within yourself, your personal life and professional life.

Running Personal Development Workshops, Guided By Angel Workshops, Relaxation Classes locally and Internationally.


These decks of cards have been created to help guide you on your life path with gentle reminders from the Angels who watch over you.

The cards fit so perfectly in your hand, making shuffling very easy, encased in quality presentation box, which fits comfortably in your handbag or pocket.

“I am delighted to share these cards ,words of Wisdom  with you and it is my dearest wish that each time you ask your question, my cards will provide the guidance and reassurance you need removing the shadows from your thoughts and letting in the light to ease your mind ”

“Smile from the inside out ”


The feather is one of the most acknowledged symbols of Angels.

Enhancing the spiritual energy of each individual reading.

Yours to be inspired by for only.


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