What would your life be like if you lived it without your own self-limiting beliefs?7719_133606444463_799664463_2312808_7492607_n

Limiting beliefs such as:- I can’t sing, dance, give a speech, fit in, I am ugly, too fat, too thin, etc….

The beliefs many of us hold in our mind about others and ourselves are the very thoughts that keep us trapped in our own mental prisons and prevent us being the unique individual we were born to be.

All of your potential trapped within your cellular structure, just waiting for the doorway of your mind to be unlocked and the real you set free to shine.

Is there a voice running in your head that prevents you from going for it? What ever ‘it’ may be.

If so…….

The next time you hear it, before you react as usual, to what ever the task is.

Ask yourself?

Is what I believe about the abilities of other’s or myself really true?

What evidence do I have to back it up?

Am I judging what I can do by what experiences I have had in the past, not taking into consideration, all of the times I have been successful, and have succeeded against the odds?

“By the way who’s odds”?

Some of us may, at times, go through life attaching your worth as a unique human being to a set of labels, given to you from others, that seem to define your identity, shaping how you live your life in a negative way.

Stop it!- you are so much more.

Time for you to decide.

Time for you to decide.

From an early age your limiting beliefs and habitual behavioural patterns can develop in your life and often go unnoticed and you go round and round in circles repeating the same old mistakes.

Creating stress, draining your energy, which can also contribute to ill health.

Once you become aware of these patterns, you then have options to change, possibilities begin to open up, and you are more able to appreciate the good in your life.

Regain your personal power, you can experience the freedom your spirit has been yearning for.

Stop and consciously think before you react in haste and repeat the same old mistakes. Respond gracefully to the challenges you may need to bare, at the end of the day it is your face in the mirror. You have to live with the consequences of the choices you make and the actions you take today.

Live your life to the full. You are worth it, there is no such thing as failure only feedback. Live a life without limits. Be free

written by Sonya Hudson