Upcoming Events at a Glance

We run a wide variety of events. Ranging from:-

Hypnotherapy; One to one

Personal Development; One to One

Past life Regression; Experiential workshop;

Guided by Angel workshop. 

Monthly Stress relief; Relaxation Classes £15 per session

Tuesday’s   6.30 till 7.30;18th April; 6th June; 11th July; 8th August; 5th October; 7th November; 5th Dec 2017

Spiritual Development Sessions  7 pm till 9.00 pm £10 per session

Thursday 20th April; Thursday 11th May; Tuesday 23rd May; Thursday 8th June; Thursday 22nd June; Thursday 13th July; Tuesday 1st August; Thursday 10th August;Thursday 7th September; Thursday 21st September; Tuesday 3rd October; Thursday 19th October; Thursday 9th November; Thursday 23rd November 2017 dates .

Monthly Inspirational Talks; Thursday Evenings 6.45 till 9.00 pm  £10 cover charge.

Thursday Evening’s £10

23rd February Intro to Reiki Healing              With  Gena King

23rd March  Better communication skills       With Sonya Hudson

27th April     Reflexology Explained               With   Elaine Parker

25th May      Mindfulness                              With Sandra English

29th June     Intro to the Spirit World,            With  Jackie Wright (Special Evening £15)

27th July      Intro to Reiki                              With    Gena King

17th August  Born to write                             With  Suzanne Lambert

28th September  Kinesiology Explained.       With Jenny Hagan


26th October  Lifestyle; Health; Nutrition       With  Anthony Hall

23rd November  Communication with Spirit   With  Mike Rogers

Reiki Level 1 Training  29th April   9.30 till 4.00 pm  £85 Early bird price                With Gena King

Reiki Level 2 Training    27th May   9.30 till 4.00 pm

Reiki 2 Training  29th July             9.30 till 4.00 pm

Reiki Master  11th November        9.30 till 4.00 pm

Reiki Share; Tuesday Evenings   7.00 till 8.30 pm   £10

28th March; 25th April; 30th May; 27th June; 25th July; 29th Aug; 26th September; 24th Oct; 28th November

We also present these workshops internationally.