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What do we do?

LifeBodySoul company is a personal project of mine that is very close to my heart, and through the pages of my website  and my many CD ‘s and interactions with people. I am endeavouring to make a positive impact in the world .


Guided by Angel Workshop Newcastle coming soon.

Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency to humans therefore most of us are unable to see them, although we may at times have a sense that we are not alone. There is an energy out there that we connect to through our dreams, meditation, and prayer. When we...

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Therapeutic Relaxation Classes

Therapeutic  Stress Relieving Relaxation classes with Sonya Hudson Tuesday"s 7th March 2017; 18th April; 16th May; 6th June;11th July; 8th August; 5th September; 10th Oct; 7th November; 5th December. Sonya Hudson C.M.HCHyp P.NLP M.NLP CNCH a highly experienced...

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Angelic download

If you can ride the tide of Life on a surfboard of Love Then you have a life worth living my friend. All of your material possessions will be left behind and forgotten through the veil of time. It is love that will take you all the way to the gates of Heaven, it is...

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Looking for Online Coaching?

Do you require online coaching? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will schedule an online Skype coaching session.