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This is the feedback we received from our  Guided by Angel 2 day workshop in  Sweden (Gothenburg ) 6th/7th September 2014

I feel truly blessed that I have had the chance to attend this Workshop. I’ve had so much fun, and so many truths revealed to me. After the workshop, I had to do a presentation, which I was nervous about doing, when I went into my garage to get my car, I noticed on the wall in front of my car there were two pure white feathers, stuck on the wall, and as I looked at them, they were positioned like two Angel wings, that is one of the most clear signs I have ever received. I feel truly blessed I suddenly felt this was conformation everything was going to be fine, and I began to calm down and although I have felt guided by divine light for a while. The workshop gave me many tools I needed to feel safe to take my next step and I am going to evolve as I was supposed to, with the help of the angels, from now on; I will not doubt that I can and should use my powers to write and to heal.

Thank you for all you’ve done, Lots of Love.

Caisa Landahi


Hi Girls This weekend has opened many closed doors in my mind.

10698440_10203765466271434_5691360223254368135_nI’ve learned, laughed, and been inspired, and I would do it all over again.

So millions of hug’s and kisses and thank you for your time and help and care.

Ps You will all three be in my heart x

Ann-christin Linnerhall


Lovely Amazing. I don’t have words enough. Now I can start to understand why I’m doing certain things in my life. I didn’t know before, Thanks

How to achieve my goals, steadily and realistically.

Now I cant be lazy…I need my goals, thanks.

My Totem animals, , Lovely mice.

The journey I have both fun and straight .

Love Caroline Troberg


I really enjoyed this workshop; Two great days and I am very tired from all the lovely experiences and exercises. I will never forget nor ignore my Viking vessel. That’s for sure.

Thank you Catinka Tomberg


The reading from Sonya that was wrote down on paper so the angel could give me the message was the best!

Everything else was world class; ooh I mean multi-universe class.

I had a really, really, really good time and I look forward to the next time, Love you all x10352329_10203765432550591_968189569586879856_n

Johannes Steinson


It was lovely; I could not be happier!

You guys should expand from two days and make it longer.

Like a retreat :-)

These two days have been so amazing, just what I needed, inspiration and healing of the soul and heart!

Thank you angels!

Connie Martin Numez


Wow! Is the first word that comes to my head?

I cannot explain the impact these exercises have already had, and I’m sure will have, since this is only the beginning.

I am finally really starting to believe in my abilities and what I have to share with the world, Thank you!!!

Wonderful, wonderful exercises that really have a profound effect; So in short: – Absolutely amazing on so many levels, still processing and will be for quite some time, but I am so excited to see and experience life as the best   version of myself.

Elin Lindberg


This is a lovely way to spend your weekend.

Happy in my heart to have found a way into this place of knowing.

All the love that I feel and have gained in the first Angel workshop last year makes this second time inevitable,

The love is big, and all the participants and you are giving so much and I’m thankful.

This year has been Bliss; I am so filled with Love for myself and for others.

I have found the strength within to forgive the people who have hurt me in the past, and have been able to thank them for the lessons. I’ve let go of the bad feelings towards them and I have also been able to let go of old family patterns of behavior that do not serve me.

So attending this workshop for the second time is even more precious, and has reinforced this feeling of Love.

This training is mind blowing and it’s going to take time to absorb all that.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Stina Hansdotter


Lovely workshop. I just love your energy; something drops from my chest every time. Thank you

Annica Lingernan