Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapist Sonya HudsonBenefits of natures’ therapy on the mind, body and soul.
I don’t know about you, but I find that being outside in the open air helps me to become more energized, focused and motivated enabling me to think more clearly, and achieve more in my day, even if I just have a brief spell outside I always feel better for it. We seem to spend so much time indoors these days, could it be possible, do you think, that we have forgotten, how good it feels and how beneficial it is to our system, to be experiencing the great outdoors. We were not created to be cooped up inside buildings for long periods of time like poor little battery hens, never experiencing what they were born to experience.

Movement improves our ability to practice Spiritual healing

Lack of movement restricts our Spiritual healing

Our spiritual awakening, like a caged bird unable to fly never experiencing the wind beneath its wings, is not what nature intended, it does not empower life to flourish. It is not just, it is not right.
I recently went to a networking event, and I swear as I looked round the room I could spot office workers and people who spend a lot of time indoors, they had a grey look about them also very little, and in some cases, no sparkle in their eyes.
They were in need of some Spiritual healing some spiritual enlightenment, one of the many gifts that nature provides in abundance.
However the people who did manage to spend some time outdoors seemed to have a glow about them and were a lot more livelier in their interaction with others, when we spoke they confirmed my suspicions, which reinforced my belief, that we all need time outside to break up our day and stay healthy, to stop the cobwebs forming in our minds, you need to experience the outdoors.

Connecting with nature enhances Spiritual healing

What better way to uplift our spirits and create that spiritual healing deep within us, regenerating, connecting us with the nature spirits and all the elements, food for the Soul. What better,Spiritual healing could we receive, that is greater than mother nature herself.
I head for the outdoors when I need to feel calm and become more relaxed, if I am unable to get out and about  I put on a relaxation CD, which normally has the sounds of waves in the background or the sounds of nature (the wind, rain, bird song etc..)
When I work with clients I like to have these sounds playing in the background, as it helps to calm the mind.
When possible I like to head for the beach, the sound of the sea has long been associated with relaxation therapies, usually in the form of CD’s which have the sounds of the lapping waves caressing the shoreline, creating a rhythmic sound that enhances the feeling of deep relaxation.

Mother nature providing free Spiritual healing

Ocean waves are said to generate a particular kind of sound known as binaural beats.
Neurophysiologists believe that hearing this alters our brainwaves and stimulates feelings of calmness and I tend to agree, it certainly works for me, every time. I can feel the connection with the earth and the Spiritual healing begins.
Did you know that a refreshing sea breeze can provide negative ions which improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, the benefits of this are immense, there have been many studies carried out over the years.
It is said that people who suffer with cystic fibrosis when exposed to high levels of negative ions were found to have more oxygen in their blood, which improved their breathing dramatically, thus improving their quality of life.

Spiritual healing in abundance

This is but one example and if you want to research into this subject more you will discover many more benefits to your wellbeing, a walk along the beach costs nothing but your time, so benefits your pocket too, how cool is that.
So a word of advice from me to you, the next time you are cooped up indoors instead of just looking out of the window, do yourself a favour, think about that poor battery hen, you have choice, put your coat on and take a walk outside, it may be only a five minute break that you can spare at first, but do it every day and just see how you feel, and whenever possible head to the beach recharge yourself at a cellular level and experience the impact it has on your daily activities.
Spiritual Healing occurs on many levels, which enables Spiritual awakening, Spiritual development, Spiritual enlightenment and Spiritual growth deep inside when your soul is fully charged, so give your soul the food that nourishes it and keeps it healthy.

Spiritual healing will impact on every part of your life in a very positive way.