Spiritual growth

The path of spiritual growth

Spiritual GrowthThe Choice, as always, is yours my friend!

Here is a short metaphorical story, that personally, I think, says it all about this spiritual journey we are on, whether we know it or not!

One evening an old Cherokee Chief was sitting with his grandson and told him of the battle that goes on within all people.

His grandson sat wide eyed and eager to hear what wisdom was about to be revealed…

The wise old grandfather spoke in a very gentle manner.

“My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ that reside deep within our mind.

One is Evil……it is                                      One is Good ……it is

–         Anger                                             –  Joy

–         Arrogance                                     –  Love

–         Self pity                                         –  Peace

–         Jealousy                                        –  Serenity

–         Envy                                                –  Hope

–         Sorrow                                            –  Humility

–         Regret                                            –  Kindness

–         Greed                                             –  Benevolence

–         Guilt                                              –  Empathy

–         Resentment                                 –  Generosity

–         Superiority                                 –  Compassion

–         Ego                                                –   Faith

The grandson thought about it for a moment or two and then asked his grandfather, with a puzzled look on his face, “Which wolf wins?”

The Wise old grandfather smiled, sat for a moment then simply replied….“The one you feed my son, the one you feed”.

So the moral of the story is, take control of your inner wolf, feed it well and be responsible for the choices you make in your life my friend!

The path of spiritual growth can be a tricky one

This wonderful piece of writing was sent to me by a friend, the author of which she did not know, I have searched for the author, but have not been able to track them down, so if you recognize this piece of writing and can help me in my search, I would be very grateful, as I feel they should have recognition for the energy that these words possess.

I felt I had to put it out there as it says so much about how we develop and how our Spiritual growth evolves, revealing within its tapestry of words both sides of our being in the physical world, and the very fragile balance between the two. What it is to be human and bring good into the world we live in and be good to the many people around us as we develop and grow spiritually, so should we encourage others around us to do the same. I am not saying push our beliefs onto others, I am saying encourage them to learn more about the spiritual aspect of their growth and to discover more about who they really are. Sadly for some this will be all too much, and the pathway for their spiritual growth will be overgrown with weeds too high for them to see beyond. Remember the only one you can, and have the right to, change is you, lead by example and see what happens.
Miracles happen all the time, just because you don’t witness everyone, doesn’t mean to say there is not an abundance of them all around you.

So my friends which wolf are you feeding, which one is in need of your attention but not demanding your attention.

Food for thought, don’t you think?

Spiritual growth is a major life lesson

Spiritual growth is really what living this life is all about, experiencing the physical form and all of of the illusions the emotions, pain and joy that accompany it, are only stepping stones back to the truth which is buried within our soul.
Spiritual growth expands far beyond our perception in this world.