Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Awakening NewcastleThe Spiritual Path is based upon transforming ourselves so we can live ‘consciously’ forever. Only by practicing, experiencing and living the Path to Self-Realization do we obtain our own Self-knowledge. The mind, the intellect is useless on its own. We need practice and experience to profoundly alter our consciousness and Being in this world.

Spiritual Enlightenment is what we learn whilst living this life

Human beings were not designed for high-pressure lifestyles, high levels of mental and physical activity, speeding through their days, working for their tomorrows, and neglecting their emotional responses and enjoyment of life, this is not how we attain spiritual enlightenment.
We need balance in our lives, setting ourselves a steady pace that we can comfortably keep up with, thus not running ourselves into a frenzied state of being.
We need to Learn how to recycle our energy instead of using it all up and feeling burnt out at the end of the day.
Meditation is an excellent way to balance body and mind.
When we are truly relaxed, both mentally and physically, changes occur in our brain wave patterns, this is called the Alpha State this is when the body releases a chemical called endorphin (natures very own opiate) which makes us feel better, it also boosts and recharges your immune system helping us to fight off infections.
Increasing our energy levels, so we are more able to enjoy our life more fully.
Meditation is one of the easiest ways to achieve this state.
So why not introduce meditation into your day, you can set a timer on your phone or watch if you are nervous in the beginning, start off with 10 minutes a day and see how you feel.
Over time as you become more adept you can increase the time to fit in with your day.
This helps us to connect with our higher self, still our sometimes chaotic minds, creating a path for our Spiritual enlightenment to develop at a rate that is just right for us.
If you have not attempted to still your mind, before now, here are a few tips to help you get started,
You may want to play some soothing music, or sounds of nature, if you are indoors. If you have a little more time on your hands and would like a guided experience, check out my 20 min development trances, designed with you in mind.

• Sit comfortably, feet on the floor, feel supported by the seat you are sitting upon, imagine you are connected to the floor in your own unique way. A good way to do this is to imagine roots, just like the roots of a tree shooting out from the souls of your feet, down through the many surfaces below, connecting you to mother earth, where you feel secure.
• Close your eyes if you haven’t already done so, to enable you to clear your mind of random thoughts, you may like to think of a colour, any colour, it may be your favourite colour it doesn’t really matter. Focus your attention on the colour until it fills your mind’s eye.
• Now take a deep breath in and count to 7 in your mind, then release your breath to the count of 11, do this as many times as it takes to relax you even more.
Let every other thought vanish from your mind, let the colour you have chosen or colours fill your mind, imagine this colour or colours have within them healing powers, really focus now. Let the image adjust till you feel more at ease. Enjoy the energy you are creating. (Relax)
A good quote
“When you’re in tune with life, you will find yourself doing everything at the right time. All you have to do to get in tune is take time to go into the silence, to find your direct contact with Me. This is why those times of peace and stillness are so vitally important for you, far more important than you realize. A musical instrument, when it is out of tune, creates discord, when you are out of tune, do the same. A musical instrument has to be kept in tune, you too have to keep yourself in tune, and you cannot do it unless you take time to be still. It cannot be done when you are rushing around anymore than a musical instrument can be tuned while it is being played. It is in the silence that the notes can be heard and be readjusted. It is in the silence that you can hear My voice, and I can tell you what to do.” Eileen Caddy a master of Spiritual enlightenment.
Now how do you feel?

Spiritual enlightenment

Remember what works for one person might not work for you, so experiment, develop your own technique, there are so many books written on the subject, and so many different ways you can choose to experience, you may prefer to have music playing gently in the background whilst you relax, just have a go and see what happens, most of all enjoy the experience, it really does work.
Remember that to begin your journey of Spiritual enlightenment, you must still your mind, detach from all the worldly distractions.
Begin the journey within to find the pathway back to you, the spiritual enlightenment you seek resides deep inside where all your beginnings, learning’s and endings reside.