Spiritual Development

The path of Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development Newcastle Sonya HudsonThe path of Spiritual Development has many twists and turns, and many lessons for us to learn. Speak your truth.

“Time does not stand still, that which we have left undone will be so forever, that which we leave unsaid will become thoughts instead of words, the paths we have left un-trodden will become tangled with weeds and will be for ever lost in the contours of the land, we can crush the fragile structure of our lives with doubt, and those of us who fear the unknown will be afraid of life forever.”

Wise words indeed from Betty Shine (Author, hypnotherapist, healer and teacher)

There are many distractions on our pathway to Spiritual Development

I am sure, if we dig deep enough, there will have been in our past many occasions when we have swallowed the words that should have been spoken, choosing for whatever reason to carry them around with us like excess baggage, weighing us down, festering in the recesses of our minds, holding us back from our true path, which is our spiritual development.

Only to re-emerge, whenever we think about that person, or spend time in their company, words not spoken are the bitterest pill we can swallow and can create so many problems within our being. These words create thoughts that create feelings that have the power to stop us in our tracks, stop us from functioning properly, by creating chaos in our minds disabling us in many ways.

If we speak an untruth it violates the body and your spiritual Development.

All choices we make in our lives have consequences on an energetic level. Even choosing not to make a choice, such as, repressing our anger, frustration, anguish, fear, love, not speaking out, may manifest into many physical conditions, leaving us depressed, stressed or even worse, restricting our Spiritual development, leaving us wide open to the negativity that is within our world thus disabling us in many ways and preventing us from evolving.

We have all experienced that “lump in our throats” when we are at a crossroad of not knowing how to speak the right words in any given situation, perhaps even burying our emotions and hiding how we really feel with a smile, or choosing to be silent and not rock the boat, keeping the peace at all cost, can cost you far more than you can ever imagine.

The eighteenth-century German philosopher Johann Herder taught that each person has an original and unique manner of being human. The task is to develop it.

According to Nietzsche, a person is known by his “style,” that is, by the unique pattern that gives unity and distinctiveness to a person’s activities. He went on to say “Style articulates the uniqueness of the self. Rather than fitting one’s life into the demands of external conformity, rather than living one’s life as an imitation of the life of another, one should look to find the authentic self within. One should labour to develop one’s own unique style in crafting one’s soul. An individual who denies individuality articulates life with a voice other than that which is uniquely their own. A person who suppresses the self is in danger of missing the point of their own existence, of surrendering what being human means.”

— Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin
Crafting the Soul

“What the mind suppresses the body will express”

Are you aware of an old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but calling never hurt me.”

This is one of the most misleading statements ever spoken in the English language, as words have a more long lasting effect on us than any beating, emotional scars take longer to heal and some never do.

Many of us may not be aware of how influential our spoken words can be. When we say anything, we are in fact, extending our inner self-talk to create a similar world around us, what we project we reflect back into our lives, so can you imagine the energy that is within what we say and how it can affect both the person whom it is directed at and also the self.

So think before you speak, but speak your truth at all times and allow your unique self to blossom inside and out. Let the world and everything in it share the glory which is you on your unique path of Spiritual Development .

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