Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Sonya HudsonPast Life Regression is fascinating!

“Past Life Therapy is not a therapy for the narrow minded or sceptical, but for the partially awakened Spiritual traveller who is ready to embrace the reality of Spirit Guides and the existence of other dimensions and other worlds, who are not afraid to explore consciousness in all of its unlimited varieties and forms.” Dr Ernest Pecci Psychiatrist
Personal experience has shown, that the more open minded the client is the more fruit-full the session can be, memories recalled are very real and can be relevant to what is happening in their lives now giving new insights to why certain, patterns of behaviour keep reoccurring. They seem to make more sense of why they are here and often have wonderful new learning’s that they retain after visiting these deep memories.
In the late 60’s and 70’s the process of moving backwards chronologically under hypnosis became generally accepted.
Deny Kelsey and Joan Grant were among the first British psychiatrists to report such data in a professional way, Kelsey found that some patients remembered the time of their conception, when there was no developed nervous system to actually retain this information.

How could Past life regression be possible?

He concluded that, there must exist in human beings an element that is capable of functioning and recording events, even in the absence of a physical body. It was this hypothesis, brought forward by a respected and conscientious professional, that initiated the acceptance of past life therapy.

Past life Regression Professionals

There are many other highly thought of professionals that are of the same mind set as myself, Dr Brian Weiss M.D, Raymond A Moody, M.D, Edith Fiore, Ph.D. are but a few of the names you may of come across, in the vast selection of literature that is available. I had the great pleasure of meeting Brian Weiss on the first ever Hay House Cruise from San Diego to Mexico, which turned out to be a trip of a life time. Brian is such a gentle knowledgeable soul. I found him to be very approachable and easy to talk to.
“You are much, much more than your body or your mind. You are a beautiful being,
Immortal, eternal, full of love and light.”
—Brian Weiss, M.D

Once you have experienced yourself in another time and place in a different physical form you seem to understand at a much deeper level the complexities of life.
It can make you more determined to live this life to the full, because after all what is the worst that can happen, if you make a mistake it only adds to your learning.
Past life Regression is a gateway to a wealth of knowledge, that if utilized correctly will enable you to progress through this life more effectively, using the memories of the past to reinforce your learning in the present and help to support you and propel you into a more comfortable way of being in the world.
After re-incarnating many times we have had many learning’s and have lots of lessons tucked away in our memory banks just waiting there to be utilized in a way that will help us to develop a greater sense of what we are capable of and also help us to achieve a lot more in the here and now.
It is then, believable is it not, that only the physical body dies, your soul is a continuum…
The life force within us all.
If we are all connected to this universal energy, this all knowing Source, just imagine what endless possibilities it could create in our life time and future lives being able, through hypnosis, to tap into this vacuum of knowledge and utilize the information to help ourselves and others to live a much more fulfilling life in more ways than one.
Learning from memories of our past lives and future to create a better way of living in the Now.
So why not come along for a one to one session or attend one of my workshops and experience this phenomena for yourself.

It could give you the answers you seek and the motivation you need to step out and shine.
Past life regression for a brighter today.

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