A question I get asked quite often at the Angel workshops is;
What do Angels look like ?
Angels are pure energy we tend to recognise their presence by a feeling, a subtle ‘knowing’ deep inside. On the rare occasion that you are privilaged to see them, you will experience them as bright beings of light shimmering,or you may experience flashes or patterns of brilliant colour.
If you see them in a more physical manifestation; It is because that is the easiest way for you to accept them.
you should be aware that they will adapt their appearance to that of one,which you are more accustomed to and feel most comfortable with.
This could be like the traditional portaits that have been with us throughout time,of a human like figure with wings. But it is not always how they appear.
Remember there is nothing that they do not know about us, and they will adapt whatever they need to in order for us to be more relaxed in their presence, so they will and can change their appearance to fit our expectations.
Angels are not bound to the ground by gravity as we are; they can hover into our field of vision and out again in a instance.
There really is no need for them to manifest,unless they are summoned to do so by God;to comfort or support us in some way or to guard us from premature death.
Our Guardian Angel is with us throughout our existance.
From the very instance that our soul decided to incarnate from conception through gestation then birth till our physical death at which point they will accompany us through our transition until we are at peace in the realms of light.
They will then and only then move on to their next stage of evolution.
When and if your soul decides to incarnate again, you will be assigned a new guardian Angel for each life time.
The more in tune you become with the natural forces of harmony,within and around you,the more aware you will be of the Angels presence in your life; Miracles can be achieved when you believe.
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