Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach | Sonya HudsonMy name is Sonya Hudson

I have had a varied career path, but have worked for many years in the private sector.
I am a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. My Husband and I run a private practice,where we have one to one sessions with people who need help,to overcome certain problems in their lives ie Phobias, Stress, lack of confidence, self-esteem issues,sleeping disorders,fear of public speaking,also past life regression therapy. we also run many Personal and professional Development Courses check out for more details on the many courses we run.
I have always been fascinated with the Mind and Spirituality how it all works and fits together. I have read what seems like a library of books over the years, which just fuels my curiosity to greater levels.
I joined a Spiritual Church when I was 18 and sat in on many services over the years, developing a greater sense of who I am and who I’m becoming.
I meditate daily,and exercise frequently, as I think this is important for mind body and soul,to function effectively. I live,  laugh ,and I love life.

I have three wonderful sons and husband,whom I love very much;special friends have graced my world with their presence, bringing with them new learnings, which have helped me along my path. For this I feel truly blessed.

Sonya Hudson talking about life changing event

Whilst meditating two years ago, I had a most profound experience that I find hard to put into words, but here I go,”stay with me”.

I became aware of a presence communicating with me, a most gentle and calming sensation filled me up, I felt warm allover although I couldn’t see what or who it was I had a deep sense of knowing. I had connected in some way to; dare I say it, God. Feeling a little confused to say the least; but curiously calm, not knowing what this could all mean.I seemed to have more energy all of a sudden.

I am not a religious person. As I think Religion divides people, but spirituality unites us .I do believe in God and I do believe that we receive guidance throughout our lives, its up to us if we accept it.

Over the next few days; I had a great urge to sit in front of my computer and write which is a totally out of character for me , and the words just flowed, I couldn’t seem to type quick enough, that is when I put together the The first Angel Workshop.It gave me a great sense of achievement. When I read it through.

I really enjoyed writing it,but my plans of advertising it  were put on hold, when life presented some challenges; Both my father and father in- law became very ill; My dear  father in- law never recovered and died after many weeks in hospital, struggling with his health.

He was the most independent man you could ever wish to meet, who was always their for us when we needed him, always willing to give us a hand, and you know as sad as it is fact you don’t realise how much you were used to them being there, until they aren’t. I had and still have the utmost respect for him; It was a very testing time for us all emotionally and physically as when one part of you is out of balance,the rest of you is working even harder to create harmony,Crisis happens, but the world keeps turning, it doesn’t  stop for you to catch your breath,your daily jobs still have to be done and the bills still need to be paid and your husband and family need you more than ever,these life events took my attention away from this project, and I filed it away, for another time.

About 6months later my father was doing well, I was feeling so low and so emotionally drained and in need of a distraction, so I decided to accompany a friend of mine to see a medium; not intending to get a reading, but whilst I was there, out of curiosity; I changed my mind.
When I walked into her office she said, “you will never guess what, you have brought an Angel in with you,” I laughed and sat down,thinking to myself, some Angel,where was she when I needed her,as I sat down she was looking all around the room with an excited expression, she then told me that the room was full of Angels,she asked me what I was doing with Angels, to which I responded “nothing,” she looked puzzled,” no-no” she said,” you must be, they are all around you, the room is full of Angels”, to which I looked puzzled as I really didn’t know where she was going with this.
I thought for a while desperately trying to find an answer for her that made sense,then I remembered;” oh I’ve wrote an Angel Workshop some months ago”, at this point she was getting very excited and almost jumped out of her seat,” that’s it” she said,”they are telling me that you have to do something with it, they are wanting you to advertise, the time is right now, and they say that they are with you and will guide you all the way”.
I didn’t know how to handle what she was saying, I was lost for words, it certainly gave me a lot to think about, I can tell you, she told me lots of things that day but the one thing that stayed with me as I’m sure you will understand, was that information, when I got home I pulled out my Guided By Angels folder with all my notes in and began to organise it and tweak it, till I was happy with the content.

I then became very aware that I didn’t feel ready for any of this yet so I filed it all away again, thinking I must be going mad who was I to be doing this,all the self doubting thoughts just flooded into my mind and the folder was pushed into a drawer once again for another few months.

Then the dreams started, I was having the most vivid dreams that gave me the inspiration I needed to believe I could do it,one day I got chatting with a dear friend  called Angela ,whom I had met doing some NLP courses, we were running at the time and I asked her if she would consider running the Course with me and she said yes, so we began to advertise.
Suddenly out of the blue with no warning.Probably one of the biggest and most distressing life event was about to unfold.
My mum died 11 days before the first workshop, we put her body to rest just 2 days before, and my friends and family were telling me to cancel it,but I somehow had a inner strength that seemed to be keeping me focused and calm.
I already had people booked onto the course and didn’t want to let them down, mum would not of liked that, she was very much a people person, loved by everyone who knew her.
I knew I would be OK, my mum was in the arms of the Angels, nothing could ever hurt her now, she was at peace and  I was aware of her  guiding ways and I knew she was with me and still is, in my heart, all the way, she was the best mother in the world, my best friend and one of my greatest teacher’s . I cant help smiling when I think about her, she brought so much joy into my world and many others would say the same.

I remember my husband on the morning of the Workshop saying “are you excited, this is your first workshop” and I can honestly say, I had no feeling about it atall, it was like I was watching someone else doing it,as I didn’t feel attached to my body, almost like a robot, like someone else was operating me. but magic did happen that day and still continues to happen whenever we do them, the rest is history, amazing things happen within the workshops the atmosphere is electric and as you can see from the feedback we received.

Everyone has a unique experience,to take away with them, they seem to go through a transformation which brings the sparkle back into their eyes, I have alot to thank the Angels for,and I do so, every night when I pray,sensing their vibrational energy all around me and I never feel alone,the more I open up to the signs the more I receive.

Sonya Hudson the Therapist and life coach

I also run Past life Regression Workshops, which is another great passion of mine. Time travelling is some journey of discovery.

I assist my husband in the  running of Hypnosis and NLP training, which is always a wonderful way to be spending your time .

One to One Personal development sessions, always fascinating. Working one to one with Clients, using both NLP and hypnosis, and all my life experiences to help me, to help my clients get the results they need, it is truly a most satisfying experience for both me and my client and keeps me inspired to learn even more.
I am ever evolving on my life journey, as are you, and through my workshops and one to one sessions  I would like to think that I will leave a good impression on whom ever I meet  and that our energy is taken to a higher level which will benefit us all greatly for a much more fulfilling future  manifesting right now.

To the  friends already in my world and those whom I have not yet met, may you be guided to our door,where Blessings in abundance flow.