Therapeutic  Stress Relieving Relaxation classes with Sonya Hudson58396_430492856427_1458507_n

Tuesday”s 7th March 2017; 18th April; 16th May; 6th June;11th July; 8th August; 5th September; 10th Oct; 7th November; 5th December.

Sonya Hudson C.M.HCHyp P.NLP M.NLP CNCH a highly experienced hypnotherapist, and Master NLP Practitioner

I am running relaxation classes, incorporating my many life skills within the sessions to produce a high frequency relaxation, deep within your cellular structure.

De-stress your life by learning and practicing these relaxation techniques.

Relaxation Therapy helps to re-balance your body and mind, create harmony within that reflects into your life, in a positive way.

When the body is balanced it is able to deal with its own maintenance, its own growth and repair and therefore heal itself. My Relaxing therapy sessions will help to realign your internal compass, balance and revitalize your mind body spirit, giving you time to fully experience the benefits these sessions will bring to your mental and physical well being


 £75 for six sessions, normally £15 per session